The benefits of permanent make up

I’ve always had a passion for brows and since training in HD Brows back in 2011; I’ve been even more obsessed in perfecting the ultimate brow.

Four years ago, after reading up on and seeing the benefits that permanent makeup provides, I decided to take the plunge and have my eyebrows tattooed.  I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. Since having my eyebrows done, I feel confident, I can choose to wear eye makeup or not, and still feel good. Its like, it’s something I don’t have to worry about before I leave the house anymore. The profession that I am in means I should take care of my appearance and always set a standard of looking good, and that can be hard at times with a young family.

Because of the way the eyebrows looked after the treatment and the freedom it gave me, I wanted to share it with my clients. So I then decided to take on a course with a well-respected organisation offering courses in permanent make up. I qualified in 2017 to do permanent make up, specifically training in brows. I’ve since tattooed many clients, all being more than happy with the results, some have even cried, with joy I might add, because they felt it has given back their confidence, a feeling that I had and continue to have myself!

There are many permanent make up procedures available now from eyebrow tattooing, lip blush, eyeliner, areola, scalp and medical tattooing. These treatments, like I said previously, cannot only give you back your confidence, but be a complete life changer for some!

Take a look at Katie Piper, this poor woman who had her complete life and confidence stripped away and now, after her treatment, has had beautiful new brows lips and eyeliner. The amazing Karen Betts, whose company, I trained with in 2017, created these for her! This small example, just goes to show how powerful permanent make up can be for someone, whether it’s a 20 year old, who has over plunked their brows that haven’t grown back or it’s a 65 year old who has lost their lip definition and can’t seem to get the lip stick right any more.

There are so many reasons as to why you could benefit from any of these procedures, but my advice to anyone who wants to have any sort of permanent make treatment done, is to make sure you have done your research, find their work with before and after pictures, healed results, always check reviews on Facebook, Google or Trip Adviser or even better pop in and have a proper consultation to make sure they can fulfil your expectations.

Bye for now

Kiri xx

P.S. I am always here as well.