Facials and Skin Care – why you benefit

Skin, we either love or hate the skin we are in.

Why does it not respond to our life styles, adapt or adjust to do what ever it needs to do so we are content with it? Why? Because we rarely support it to do so…. The reason is that many of us take it for granted. We graze it, it heals, we burn it in the sun, it heals, what ever we do, it heals, that’s the beauty of Nature, but beware, it’s a two one street… We should never take it for granted that our abuse of the skin will always heal, its like us at times, it needs a helping hand.

That’s why it so important to keep on top of our skin care,  and it’s what makes facials so important. The skin in is the largest organ on our body, why would we not take care of it?

It needs to be hydrated from the inside and nourished from the outside for it to function properly!  Hands up those of you who regularly drinks up to 3 litres of water a day and have a regular facial treatment… only a few I am guessing.

Facials can not only be relaxing for the body and mind as well as a real treat, but can also combat a number of day to day skin issues such as changes from acne to dry flaky skin and many more, due to the environment you are in. A facial also gives the skin the added boost of hydration or exfoliation that’s needed so that any routines you use at home can work extra efficiently.

One of the most popular treatments this year for my salon has been Dermaplaning. The results from this treatment have been amazing and instant! Smooth glowing skin, I mean what more can you ask for! Nearly every client has re booked after having his or her Dermaplaning treatment. Some of the added bonuses from having this treatment are, your make up glides on like a dream, your skin feels super smooth and the glow is just amazing. Dermaplaning is facial that manually removes the dead skin build up and peach fuzz.  The way this is removed is with a sterile scalpel, which sounds scary but in actual fact is utterly painless and really relaxing!!

The main benefits is that the skin absorption rates after this treatment are also much higher as the product isn’t fighting through layer of dead skin cells and vellus peach fuzz! So you end up getting better results from your home care as well.

Facials are fast becoming a must have monthly treatment for a lot of women and men, and many clients are now becoming more aware that by looking after their skin, the benefits in the long run will mean that not only will their skin look better as they age, but it will actually work better and more efficiently, doing what Nature intended, repair its self daily.

Home care for your skin is also another must do on a daily basis. Having the correct skin care for you is a big deal and can save you tons of time and money, as you won’t be wasting it on products that don’t work for your skin.

Always feel free to pop into a salon and speak to someone about your skin concerns and how can you combat them or get rid of them, beauticians and dermatologists are perfect to speak to about your skin concerns as our knowledge is vast in this industry and can probably recommend the perfect product, without trying to sell everything you don’t need!

I hope this gives you a better understanding as to why facials are really important and how they can make serious changes in your skin care!

Till next time

Kiri xx