My Skin Care Gods

So we all have that favourite skin care product, a must have, a scrape out the bottom of the pot product and I am no exception!

The moments when you steal that “Me” time have quickly become one of my most favourite parts of the day, when I wake up in the morning and go to bed in the evening and then there’s the ultimate skin treatment, a great night’s sleep.

For those ”Me” moments, I love sitting down to my dressing table and revitalising my skin with beautiful products. It some how makes me feel amazing from start to finish.

I have looked after my skin since I was a teenager and the experimented with a wide range of products over the years from cheap and cheerful such as Boots own skin care range to top end Estée Lauder. And many times I’ve been delighted and as well as disappointed. So after many years of trying and testing, I’ve finally found some of my “must have” products and just want to share these with you.

Firstly, the amazing, Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm

This cleanser is my everything. As I apply it, it just melts away any make-up, dirt, pollution, bad days, screaming kids, and the outside world of regular life… Must I go on?

It’s the dreamiest scent, reminds me of being whisked away at the Aqua Sauna Spa at Centerparcs all over again! The balm itself turns into an oil once warmed between the hands, you then apply the oil all over the face removing everything as you go along. Then once you have finished massaging it into your skin, with a warm, clean cloth whether it being a simple flannel or muslin cloth, wipe away all the oil and repeat to make sure nothing is left on the skin. Now, one of the many benefits this cleanser has, is that your skin doesn’t feel tight or dried out after using it. I’ve used many cleansers before and they all tend to make my skin feel super tight and dehydrated after using, but with this Elemis, I could probably not even bother with a moisturiser after,  this is because my skin just feels super nourished and supple. I can’t recommend this product enough, its absolutely my favourite!

Kiehl’s Iris activating treatment essence 

I discovered this amazing product from one of my favourite YouTubers, Jamie Genevieve. I never heard of a facial essence in all the 10 years I’ve been a Therapist, so I just had to give it a go, as they say.

Once I got my little bottle of gold. (A bit of touch and go, at the time it was nearly sold out!) I instantly had to try it and the only way I can explain this product, is it’s like a, very diluted watery oil?  You use around 3-4 drops, massage between your hands and pat onto the skin. I always give it around a minute or so before I apply any other products, so it can penetrate the skin properly.

Using this over the next week I found my skin felt smoother and hydrated. It does have some amazing ingredients in it, such as sodium hyaluronate, which is part of hyaluronic acid family (amazing acid which acts as a magnet to water, maintaining the moisture levels in your skin). It also has LHA Lipo hydroxy acid, which is used to activate the skin natural exfoliating process. I can honestly say, I don’t think I will ever, not use this product, it has become a permanent staple in both my morning and evening routine. And a true skin game changer!

Mesoestectic Energy C eye contour

I came across this little gem when I was ordering products for work, I was looking for a new eye cream, I just needed something that would give my eyes a boost, as they always feel very tired and dull. What drew me to the product, was that it was full of vitamin C, an amazing anti-oxidant and brightener for the skin, it’s also has vitamin E, great for nourishing and smoothing the skin. These two things are complete winners to have in an eye cream.

It gave my eyes an “awake” feeling and because of the vitamin E, I felt like, my eyes didn’t feel tight or puffy. I was using this product day and night at first, but I’ve now just started using it in the morning and still, I feel like the results are speaking for themselves!

There are so many amazing skin care lines out there now, I love getting samples, as well as trying out new products. It also gives me a chance to trial them, to see if they suit my skin without irritating it! Whenever your passing the counters in House of Frasier or Debenhams, ask the girls for a few samples and give them a go!

These a just a few of my skincare Gods that I can’t live without, but I’d love to hear what your skin care gods are and why you love them so much.

Leave a comment with your skin favs so we can all share great skin!

Kiri x